Friday, 22 August 2014
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Hiroshima landslide in pictures: Search for survivors continues in Japan

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Rescuers search for survivors a day after landslides kill 39 people in Japan Read more »

James Foley murder: when is it right to pay ransoms for hostages?

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The urge to pay whatever it takes to get a captive back from terrorists is overwhelming - but it can incentivise the kidnappers to do it again, says Alexander Hitchens
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Iraq crisis: live
Pictures of the day: 22 August 2014
Injured koala hit by a car given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Russian convoy pushes ahead to Ukraine
Russian aid convoy pushes ahead to Ukraine
Japan death toll feared to double as landslide fears halt rescue
Swiss law change sparks UK ski chalet closures
Tears shed as coffins carrying remains of 20 Malaysian MH17 victims return home

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Outside Groups Mirror Successful Strategies Of Political Parties

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A U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs in Iowa, and the GOP has opened 11 field offices statewide. But there's also a new team working the state, the Virginia-based group Americans for Prosperity. Read more »

The Dread Factor: Why Ebola And 'Contagion' Scare Us So Much

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Even just the word Ebola is kind of terrifying. Why? Hollywood has a lot to do with it. But Ebola outbreaks also have all the ingredients for what one psychologist calls the "dread factor." Read more »

TV's New Doctor Who Has An Old Connection To The Series
GAO: Bergdahl Exchange Violated Law
Who Are The Protesters Getting Arrested In Ferguson?
Contagious Kisses? We Answer Your Questions About Ebola Recovery
ISIS 'Beyond Anything We've Seen,' Hagel Says
Can Quinoa Take Root On The 'Roof Of The World'?
Vision Problems Increase The Risk Of Early Death In Older People
European Fighters Take On More Prominent Roles In The Islamic State

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon -- Mariah Muzzles Nick In Divorce!

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Mariah Carey has gagged Nick Cannon -- but not in a good way.  He's not allowed to say boo about their divorce ... or else.Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Nick and Mariah's lawyers hashed out a confidentiality agreement as part…

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Katie Holmes and Suri -- Moving, Moving Back, Back to Cali
Scott Weiland -- Massive Cop Screw Up In Doppelganger Meth Arrest
Kevin Hart -- THOT Repellant ... Wears Fiancee's Name at Strip Club
Draya Michele -- She May Be Victim of Smear Campaign
Guess Who This Straight Faced Infant Turn Into!

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