Wednesday, 30 July 2014
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Uighur academic in China charged with separatism

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Seven months after Ilham Tohti disappeared into custody, the Uighur academic has finally been charged with 'separatism' Read more »

Republicans threaten fresh legal moves against Obamacare

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As campaigning heats up for November's mid-term elections the threat of a Republican lawsuit accusing Barack Obama of behaving unconstitutionally fires up supporters of both parties Read more »

Ebola crisis: US peace corps pull out of West Africa
Actor Kelsey Grammer forgives sister's killer
Gaza crisis: 'Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children'
Israel-Gaza conflict - live
UN spokesman breaks down talking about Gaza child deaths
Ebola outbreak: fight against disease hampered by belief in witchcraft, warns British doctor
Israel-Gaza conflict - live
Ebola virus outbreak: live

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House Approves $16 Billion Plan To Improve Health Care For Vets

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The Senate is expected to pass the measure this week. It would expand government programs and provide funds for vets who unable to access VA services to see private doctors. Read more »

House Votes To OK Lawsuit Against Obama

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House Republicans say that the president has overstepped the bounds of his executive authority. President Obama dismissed the move as a "political stunt." Read more »

Why Your 'Small-Batch' Whiskey Might Taste A Lot Like The Others
Job Worries Linger, But The Economy Is Looking Good
Amid Confusion, 17 Killed By Shelling At Market In Gaza
Moldova's Winemakers Seize Upon Region's Geopolitical Moment
Gaza's Network Of Tunnels Is A Major Hole In Israel's Defenses
Grocery Chain Workers Want Their CEO Back
Judge Orders Bank Of America To Pay $1.3 Billion Fine
A Market And A School Come Under Fire During A Violent Day In Gaza

BREAKING: Senate Committee Report Details Environmentalists' Inner Workings

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Over the past fifty years, America’s environmental movement has grown from college kids adorning flowers to a billion dollar industry. With huge budgets to employ lobbyists, lawyers, and public relations professionals, many of America’s leading environmental non-profits are unrecognizable from their modest beginnings. What may seem like an organic, disparate movement is actually a well oiled machine that receives its funding from a handful of super rich liberal donors operating behind the anonymity of foundations and charities, according to a new report out today by the Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW). Read more »

An 'Ether Of Sexism' Doesn't Explain Gender Disparities In Science And Tech
Time To Get Real On Israel And The Mideast
The Current Spasm In Islam
Reinvigorating The Antibiotics Pipeline
After Public Outcry, IRS To 'Reconsider' Its Attempt To Police Non-Profit Speech

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Bieber vs. Bloom -- MMA Stars Weigh In ... 'Orlando Hits Like a 'B*tch'

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Orlando Bloom hits like a bitch ... so say 3 guys who would know -- MMA stars Tito Ortiz, King Mo and reigning Bellator Lightweight champion Will Brooks. But the real question -- who would win if there was a rematch between Orlando and…

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Justin Bieber to Orlando Bloom -- I Balled, Now You Bawl
Miranda Kerr -- How's This for a Release
Lil Wayne -- KICKS IT WITH REAL MADRID ... After Meeting with Ronaldo
Gisele Bundchen -- Bow Wow ... WOW [BIKINI PHOTOS]
Harrison Ford -- Not Quite Full Force ... After 'Star Wars' Injury

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